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【インタビュー】COVID tests still in short supply in Japan despite peak of sixth wave 2022/2/18

『 At the peak around two weeks ago, Navitas Clinic in Shinjuku, for example, had expended its stockpile of antigen tests, which give results in about 15 minutes. Further supplies have since arrived, but the stock is still far from what the clinic considers to be a sufficient level, said Dr. Masahiro Kami.

“On Monday, I used a leftover antigen test on a nursery teacher who had a temperature of 38.5 degrees and diagnosed her after she tested positive,” he said. “Patients would like to be diagnosed right on the spot via antigen tests. But other than such special cases, we are still refraining from conducting antigen tests.

“In those other cases, we conduct a PCR test, the results of which will not be known until at least the next day.”・・・

The nation’s capacity for the more reliable PCR tests, which analyze the sample at a lab, stands at around 390,000 per day. That translates to around 3.1 tests per 1,000 residents, which is lower than Malaysia, said Kami, who also serves as executive director of the Medical Governance Research Institute in Tokyo.

Early in the pandemic, around the world many doctors were exposed to a high amount of the coronavirus when testing infected patients, leading to their deaths. Some countries have since adopted a streamlined, contactless system where people can order a test kit online to use at home and then use the result as the basis for directly seeking medical treatment and the delivery of medicine, Kami said.

“Japan has deliberately not increased the amount of tests because they force some infected individuals to be hospitalized, which would put a strain on the health care system,” he said. “Though the government now is trying to make more tests available, it is apparently too late now because demand has declined significantly.”



"月曜日、38.5度の熱を出した保育士に、残っていた抗原検査を使い、陽性反応が出たので診断した "という。"患者さんは、その場ですぐに抗原検査で診断してほしいと思っています。しかし、そのような特殊なケースを除いては、まだ抗原検査を行うことは控えている。






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