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研究員 坪倉正治、

理事長 上昌広、研究員 尾崎章彦、共同研究者 澤野豊明

【活動紹介】【FEATURES】NuclearNuclear Medicine(By Dennis Normile)

After 10 years advising survivors of the Fukushima disaster about radiation, Masaharu Tsubokura thinks the evacuations posed a far bigger health risk. 2021/3/5

「Kami was calling from Tokyo, explaining that physicians were urgently needed. He asked whether Tsubokura could volunteer in Hamado–ri—a local name for Fukushima prefecture’s coastal region. Kami says he had confidence Tsubokura was a good fit. The region needed hands-on clinicians, preferably young and adaptable, who could work well with the overwhelmed local physicians struggling to provide basic care. Even while he was a medical undergraduate student, Tsubokura’s focus on patients had impressed Kami, one of his professors. Many medical scientists “ treat patients as if they are material for research,” Kami says; but for Tsubokura, patients came first and research followed.」

「“My goal was to help the local people, not as a researcher but as a local physician,”」

「At one meeting in Sendai in 2015, Hériard-Dubreuil recalls some audience members grilling Tsubokura, asking: “Are you on the side of the NGOs [nongovernmental organizations]? Are you on the side of the government?” He says Tsubokura answered, “I’m on the side of the people.”」

「He has become a mentor for younger doctors and researchers who share his social concerns. Ozaki is one example. He landed at Minamiso–ma General a few years out of medical school. Working with Tsubokura allowed him to explore “the role medical care plays in the bigger framework of society,” he says. Toyoaki Sawano, another surgeon, also moved to Minamiso–ma General in part to study the bullying of schoolchildren who evacuated to other prefectures and the health issues facing the legions of workers who decontaminated Fukushima’s landscape. “I don’t think I would have been on this path through life without meeting professor Tsubokura,” Sawano says.」



坪倉正晴氏は、福島原発事故の被災者に10年間、放射能についてアドバイスをしてきたが、避難は健康へのリスクがはるかに大きいと考えている。 2021/3/5







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