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理事長 上昌広

【コメント】Shionogi seeks approval for Japan’s first domestic COVID pill 2022/2/25

『 While ritonavir, one of the two pills that comprises Paxlovid along with nirmatrelvir, has been used for decades as an anti-HIV medication, Shionogi’s drug is a newly discovered therapeutic agent, according to Dr. Masahiro Kami, executive director of the Medical Governance Research Institute in Tokyo.

Compared with Shionogi’s pills, Pfizer’s Paxlovid is a delicate drug because doctors have to carefully review the patient’s existing medication to avoid harmful drug interactions, Kami said.

 “The manual says to reduce Paxlovid’s dosage for people with poor kidney function, for example, but it's difficult to prescribe such a drug,” he said. “In that sense, Shionogi’s pill is easier to use.”

 Kami says that Shionogi and Pfizer’s drugs have the same mechanism, and that may mean that one of them will outlast the other.

“We need to collect a lot of clinical data in this world, so it's all about data. It doesn't matter which one is really better,” he said. “In terms of the number of clinical trials, there’s a big difference. Pfizer is quick and has worked on clinical trials for people with bad livers and kidneys. Meanwhile, Shionogi hasn’t even finished the first large clinical trial yet. In that sense, Shionogi is at a little disadvantage.”




「例えば腎臓の機能が低下している人にはパックスロビッドの量を減らすようにマニュアルには書いてありますが、そのような処方は難しいのです。そういう意味では、塩野義製薬のピルの方が使いやすい 。」

 上氏は、塩野義製薬とファイザーの薬はメカニズムが同じなので、どちらかが長持ちするということになるかもしれないという。「この世界では臨床データをたくさん集めなければならないので、データがすべてです。どちらが本当に優れているかは問題ではない 。臨床試験の数という点では、大きな差がある。ファイザーは早いし、肝臓や腎臓が悪い人の臨床試験も手掛けている。一方、塩野義製薬はまだ最初の大きな臨床試験も終わっていない。そういう意味では、塩野義製薬は少し不利ですね。」』


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